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Cutting-edge technology, high flexibility, innovative design and superior performance: these are the characteristics of Olivetti cash registers, designed as highly professional solutions delivering advanced ergonomics and innovation even for the most sophisticated sales desk requirement.

ECR 8100

ECR 6920F

Hospitality functions: tracking of 70
tables pc and barcode reader
connectivity two-line vfd alphanumeric
operator display adjustable
pop-up customer display 10-lps
alphanumeric [...]
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Hospitality functions two-line
alphanumeric operator display
swivel-type pop-up customer
display 10-lps silent
alphanumeric thermal
printer up to 13,000-line
dynamic electronic [...]
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Silent and reliable thermal
alphanumeric printer
alphanumeric operator
display, pop-up customer
display 3,000-line
electronic journal
up to 400 programmable
plus and 8 operator [...]
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