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OLITEC International was incorporated in Uganda as a limited liability company in 2002 and is the sole agent and distributor for Olivetti Tecnost SPA of Italy.  Since incorporation, we have served scores of corporate and individual clients in diverse sectors, ranging from profit-oriented concerns to welfare based international NGOs and government agencies.

Our most popular products are; Olivetti multipurpose digital photocopier & spare parts, Olivetti fax machines, Olivetti computers, Olivetti calculators, Olivetti cash registers, Olivetti typewriters, Olivetti handwrite recognising computers, Olivetti printers, special printers for banks, Olivetti analogy photocopiers and all Olivetti consumables.

OLITEC International aims: - At becoming a reknown leader in real office solutions, providing high quality products & services and ensuring high level of customer satisfaction by establishing high level quality standards so as to create a superior unique outlook of a market leader.

 2.1    Our Corporate Objectives.

  • To help all our customers find and implement practical solutions to their problems and challenges in efficient, cost-effective ways, and to continually grow their businesses.
  • To liase and network with other partners for long-term win/win results.
  • To earn profits, improve our sustainability and grow so as to serve more customers.
  • To develop high quality and appropriate customer care skills among our directors, associates, and staff, for our customers’ benefit.
  • To provide the required products and services at a reasonable cost in a profitable and sustainable manner for both OLITEC and the customers.
  • To promote cutting edge competitiveness of our customers by providing quality products and after sale services.

Our products/services are tailored to directly respond to the client’s demands, hence giving them a competitive advantage over their competitors.  Accordingly, the following are the main products we offer to our clients.

3.1 Photocopiers
Are you looking for user-friendly high quality copying? Look no further than Olivetti and Canon copiers. The Olivetti/canon Copier is the ideal copier that will meet all your needs. It will minimise your copy cost thanks to the use of long-lasting consumables. As for quality, these copiers have no rivals in either print or copy resolution. Performance is enhanced by handy bypass that let you print items such as transparencies and envelopes. They are simply the leading compact copier for anyone who wants top-of –the-range performance today.

A complete Document Management solution on Copy, Print, Fax and Scan can be essential to your success in the new economy policies. Helping you to reduce time, overheads on consumables and proper accounting.

Olitec International ltd. provides Document Management solutions that deliver exceptional value across your organization - meeting your business requirements, managing costs, reducing risk, and fulfilling your scheduling parameters

3.2 Olivetti/ Canon Fax Machines
Olivetti and Canon fax machines have a reputation for their durability, high transmission speed, great memory and multifunctional nature. With an Olivetti fax machine, you also have innovative filing system and dual access function for multitasking in-built. 

3.3       Olivetti / Olympia Typewriters.
Some would argue that the era of typewriters is over. Olivetti and Olympia innovations go beyond that. Filling in routine forms and other such tasks need precision typewriters–which is what Olivetti typewriters are. Additionally, Olivetti offers ideal typing machines for a stenography student.

3.4 Olivetti / Citizen Calculators.
The new Olivetti and citizen calculators simplify calculations by providing immediate currency comparisons. This invaluable feature, designed to help you keep track of the EURO and other currencies on today’s globalised markets.

    •  Olivetti Cash Register

When customers come into your shop, the impression they receive influences their opinion of the style and quality of your business. They notice the furnishings as well as the merchandise and will be impressed by the design and elegance of your Olivetti cash register. It gives an unobtrusive enhancement to your business and reliable companionship during your working day. Olivetti is simply a touch of class with the accent on simplicity.

    • Olivetti and HP Special Printers

In a large variety of application environments- shops, supermarkets, hotel receptions, ticket offices, oil companies, fuel stations, banks and others-needs differ extremely. To meet the needs of these disparate. Markets, state-of-art technology and specialisation are essential. Olivetti offers a complete range of specialised printers like Teller printers with superior performance, flexibility and user friendliness solutions to handle any application requirements.

  • For all the products supplied, we ensure strict adherence to product quality.
  • We understand customer needs and requirements analyse and offer practical solutions to clients’ problems.
  • We maintain close relationship with all our customers, and advise them of any opportunities relevant to them.
  • We insist on delivering qualitative, specifically tailored and balanced products, and services, which add value to our customers.
  • In all cases, we do much more than are stipulated in the terms of reference. i.e. offer after sales services such as repairs & maintenance

One of the key strengths of OLITEC International is that we have a strong synergy with our suppliers/partners in Italy, U.S.A, Japan with whom we closely work.   This gives us the strength and ability to undertake any customer orders and meet them even at short notice.  Our major partner is Olivetti S.P.A, one of Europe’s largest industrial holdings in information technology business. The company has gradually shifted the focus of its core business from mechanical office products to electronic equipment, computers, IT systems and services and most recently to telecommunications.